Folklórny súbor "Viňančan"

The folk group

The folk group "Vinancan" and village Vinne are situated in Vihorlat mountains landscape in Eastern Slovakia, definitely belong to each other. Everywhere, where "Vinancan" sings Slovak folk song or perform  about life of own folk according to surviving traditions, brings also image of native land and uncovering beauty of Zemplin.
The folk group "Vinancan" was founded in 1974. The men and women who are singing in folk group are different age range and education. The third generation of members already start slowly to appear.  "Vinancan" regularly performs at folk festivals, important anniversary celebrations of towns and villages as well as programmes remembering of the important representatives. Songs interpreted by folk group "Vinancan" are very often given as living gift for jubilant at family celebrations. Folklorists from Vinne performed at Days of Slovak culture in France, harvest festivals in Poland as well as among Slovaks living in Ukraine.
Responses to their appearances are always great as they sing with their hearts, draw from richness of their traditions, bring joy, positive energy and cheerfulness. If you are not persuaded by now please come and attend one of our performances to see for yourself.